Saturday 5 December 2009

Friday photos

In order to amuse myself on the ride in, I took a variety of snaps of this bloke.

I like this angle. I got this photo by holding the camera up at arm's length and pointing in his general direction. Seemed to work.

Compare and contrast our "lycra clad loon" above (probably a merchant banker or lawyer) with the fellow below. Casual clothes. Relaxed bike. Not terribly interested in getting anywhere in a big hurry.

And then we have another variety of cyclist - semi-casual attire plus the full commuter rig of saddle bags. All three of these blokes so far looked to be in their 40s.

Track standing. I wish I could still do this. Haven't been able to do it since I was 17.

Another speedy bloke who looked about 40. My problem was keeping up with him and trying to take a photo at the same time!

Here we see him earlier at a more relaxed pace, as he tries to thread his way at low speed through wayward pedestrians on the Pyrmont Bridge. Note the "ride shop" logo on his bum - I hope he is getting paid for carrying advertising for someone else. Good calf muscle development. Must get someone to take a photo of me one day at full tilt.

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