Thursday 3 December 2009

Thursday photos

Rowers in the early morning light. Nice flat water. It was so choppy last week, the coaches in their speedboats were bouncing out of the water as they chased the crews.

Always check the wind direction and strength. The flags at the top of the Harbour Bridge are a good guide. When they are standing straight out (as they were tonight), that's a sign of a tough ride home.

Today's hipster. Flatbar bike with some sort of internally geared rear hub. Groovy Crumpler sachel. Hipster shorts, and the giveaway - many hipster tats. Two on the left forearm and one on each calf.

A sure sign of a hipster.

Two rather different cyclists. The guy on the right has a flash road bike and some nice kit that would have set him back multiples of thousands. His legs are bare of hair. But incongruously, he has the rattiest back pack I have seen outside my home on his back. Why buy expensive kit and then lug around a back pack that looks like it has seen 3 tours of duty in Iraq?

The bloke on the left is the hipster. Hairy legs, but cool clothing. He was quite fit and fast too.

Two different approaches, and they both left me for dead.

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