Wednesday 16 December 2009

47 seconds of boredom

Adrian the Cabbie had another run in with a cyclist today. Interestingly enough, the cyclist has appeared in the comments with his version of the story.

I know drivers - especially cabbies - hate cyclists "filtering" to the front of the line at traffic lights, so here is an ineffably boring 47 second clip showing me waiting patiently behind a taxi. I suggest that you don't watch it - nothing happens at all. Nada. It's just there as proof that out there somewhere, there is a cyclist doing his best to avoid annoying cabbies.

However, as there are plenty of cabbies out there who do their best to annoy me, I am still annoyed that the Plod won't let me carry a Glock when I'm cycling. If a cabbie wants to use his car as a weapon, then I need something that I can respond with. Like a 9mm lead equaliser.

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