Saturday 5 December 2009

More arty stuff

For the last two days, the Pyrmont Bridge has been partly taken over by corporate types promoting "fun". I'm not sure what it was all about - I was travelling too quickly to have a good look, and I was on the lookout for council rangers who have been telling cyclists to slow down when crossing the bridge.

Here's a sample of the activities - painting.

And more painting. This is good fun - we do it at home after a few bottles of wine, and the results have generally been good.


Drumming. I didn't see anyone having a go on the various sets of drums. Thankfully, no one told any smelly hippies about the free drums. I can't stand those hipster hippies that sit around on the footpath, banging on drums and thinking that they are the coolest people on the planet. I just want to set them on fire. Preferably with napalm.

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