Wednesday 2 December 2009

Surprising result from a survey on ETS support in the inner west

Our local rag ran a survey recently asking what people thought of living in the inner-west. You have to remember that this area is about as Green as it gets outside of Nimbin. The Mayor of Leichhardt is a Green. The seat of Balmain may fall to the Greens at the next state election. The new Mayor of Burwood drives an Echo of all things (boasting about his green credentials) - and he is a rich wog businessman who would be more at home in a Maserati or Ferrari.

Buried at the bottom of on of a series of stories on the survey was this gem:

Eight in 10 respondents believe in global warming

One in four respondents would support an emissions trading scheme.

One in four support the ETS! This in a seat with a large Labor majority where Green tendencies run deep! And all they can muster up is 25% support!

That, if anything, must show that Turnbull was fucking mad to support the ETS. If support is running at 25% in the Green belt, it must be around 2.5% in the mortgage belt.

Oh, and the local paper loves pushing global warming as a cause. I notice that they wrote up every other statistic from the survey except this one. Must have been too embarassing.

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