Friday 18 December 2009

The irony is killing me

I love posting over at Mark Mann's green blog. It's a hoot. It sometimes takes days for the comments to go up, so I will start reproducing them here.

Sorry Mark, but the irony is killing me. I've just shown your post to some people here in the office and they're killing themselves laughing. You have just written an article about "accepting constraints", just after [b]flying halfway around the world[/b].

Me, being the baby eating capitalist that I am, cycled to work - as I do every day.

Perhaps I should start calling myself "smug, low carbon footprint, self-satisfied git on a bike".

I'd be careful about telling your fellow travellers about your polar bear executing antics. Oh, how I weep for the bears that you killed this week. Won't someone think of the bears? If you keep on racking up frequent flier miles like Al Gore, the Carbon Stasi will be all over you.


Zodiac said...

Love yer work, BOAB. Keep up the good fight.

Hope you and yours have an excellent Christmas & New Years :)

1735099 said...

At least they post your comments. Bolt won't post mine. He can't abide anyone with a counter argument, but bleats on endlessly about the lack of balance in the MSM. Strange indeed....

Anonymous said...

Or, it could be that Bolt doesn't post your comments because you're a typical Aussie: rude, patronising and arrogant white trash bogan.