Wednesday 16 December 2009

Another stupid impatient bastard

Enough of picking on taxi drivers. It's time to pick on just a plain old driver. Because he's stupid.

I'm approaching a red light. There are two lanes - a straight through lane and a right turn lane. There is one car in the right turn lane, and nothing in front of me. I'm cruising up to the white line because I try and time it so that instead of having to stop and unclip, I can stay clipped in and pedal off as soon as the light goes green - a rolling start. It's much faster and smoother than stopping. It doesn't always work - the Gods of traffic light management usually conspire against me, but when it works, it is good.

The fuckface here decides to cut in front of me. There was pretty much no room for him to get in with a car already in the right hand lane, but he did it nonetheless. I was so shocked at his action that it really didn't register what he had done until I got home and reviewed the video. He went past so closely, I had to swerve a bit to the left to avoid being knocked over. You can see a little wiggle at the start of the video, just before the car appears on screen.

Damn. If I had an instant replay, I would have pulled his door open and had words with this bloke. Maybe even pulled the keys out of the ignition and thrown them on the roof of the nearby shops. That was a close run thing. I think my brain had a hard time accepting that he'd pulled such a stupid stunt - I stood there behind him going, "Did that really just happen, or is my brain playing tricks on me?"

Here's the classic part. He was only about 300 metres from home. I know that because I followed him and noted where he parked. I might have to stick a note under his windscreen wiper in the morning. Something along the lines of:

"Dear Fuckface who tried to kill me last night:

"Go and find the Weeties packet from whence your Driver's Licence came and put it back in there. The open road is not the place for you."

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