Thursday 3 December 2009

More crap from the SMH

The SMH is really scraping the bottom of the barrel this week in terms of coming up with climate change scare stories.

Here is one from Adele Horin:


SURPRISINGLY high numbers of people in NSW have been concerned that climate change would personally affect them or their families, according to a health survey.

The results show more than 60 per cent of people strongly or very strongly believed climate change was a worsening problem, and 54 per cent were very or extremely concerned that they or their families would be affected by it.

Beverley Raphael, the professor of population mental health and disasters at the University of Western Sydney, who authored the study, said the extent of concern about the personal implications of climate change was surprising.


Just one problem - the research was carried out in 2007 and only recently released. It's so recent, I am unable to find it on the Uni of Western Sydney website.

The data is two years old - who is to say how attitudes have shifted since then? What is the point of writing this up in the paper, except to continually scare us about the climate change bogeyman. This is about as relevant as publishing research from 2007 telling us what voters think of John Howard.

Even worse for Adele Horin and her stupid article, here is how the UN rates global health risk factors.

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