Tuesday 1 December 2009

Tuesday photos

A funny thing happened last week. For the first time in ages, I rode well all week, and was then still able to function normally all weekend. By the time Saturday comes around, I usually can't walk, let alone ride. However, I had a very active weekend, and the legs didn't complain one bit. I think I have finally reached a level of fitness where I can ride all week and it hardly shows. Thank goodness for that - it's only taken 6 months to get there.

Now to some photos that were taken yesterday and today. I have of course completely forgotten why I took some of them. I will do my best to interpret what I was thinking at the time.

A non-lycra commuter. Work shirt, work shoes, black socks - all he's done is exchange trousers for a pair of shorts. This type of rider is taking over from us lycra types on the daily commute - which is a good sign. Cycling is becoming "normal", especially for short trips. The more bikes on the road, the more drivers become aware of them, and the safer it gets for all of us.

I know why I took this photo - the kid's seat on the back. I'm pretty sure I'd never install one of these, but I see a fair number of these around. I don't know if the parents drop their kids off at daycare and then head into work, or whether they cart the kids around on weekends to the shops and so on.

Murky Monday morning. This morning was worse - I was reduced to wearing my winter undershirt as the temperature was 16 degrees when I left for work. I found that I hadn't washed the undershirt since the dust storm, so it stank of impregnated dust. When I got into the shower at the office, my chest had gone bright red from a combination of sweat and dust from the shirt!

Another relaxed commuter - red Crocs and all. Check out the basket at the back.

An "all black". This is a view I try hard to not present to traffic coming up from behind - one that is black from head to toe. I like to be as bright and lairy as possible so that drivers have no excuse for not seeing you.

A very funky cyclist - some sort of silk, Chinese dress by the looks of things and work shoes. The bike was built for comfort rather than speed, and she headed up towards Balmain once off the bridge. Perfect way to get to work if you have a 3-5km commute.

The other end of the cycling spectrum - very serious lycra bloke on a fixie. The only thing he has in common with the woman above is shaved legs.

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Steve D said...

Presumably the guy with the kiddie seat has gone done a Childcare drop-off on the trip. Either that or he bought a kiddie seat that does not have a quick-release mechanism like ours...