Sunday 13 December 2009

The occasional hazards of underwear confusion

We went shopping for underwear last month and I was certain that I made damn sure that Junior and me bought different coloured jocks. That's the easiest way to sort after washing - he has one set of colours and I have another.

I found to my cost last week that he has one pair of jocks that have crossed the line into my colour range. I only found that out after getting to work, having a shower and then trying to get into what I thought were my jocks. Hmm. Bit tricky trying to get into something that is an extra small - as in teenage width hips. The worst of it was that being at work, I had no recourse to the grundies drawer to swap them for a man-sized set. The choice was three way:

  1. Free ball until I got the chance to escape from the office and buy some more - fat chance in my line of work
  2. Wear my bike shorts under my suit - a yucky option when you've just sweated into it for 40 minutes
  3. Squeeze into them and try not to breath too deeply for the rest of the day

From now on, when I do the sorting, I will pay more attention to the size tag.


Richard_H said...

Yet another reason to leave a pack of fresh, new undies sitting in a desk drawer BOAB.

'Cos you never know when you're going to forget to pack a pair the night before....

bigtones said...


lee of midway nsw said...

And the choice was???

Boy on a bike said...

Trust me - you really don't want to know!