Friday 11 December 2009

Graphs that make a good point

Have a look - it will only take a minute.


1735099 said...


From the conclusion to your linked article -

"Does this mean that CO2 isn’t a greenhouse gas? No.

Does it mean that it isn’t warming? No.

Does it mean that we shouldn’t develop clean, efficient technology that gets its energy elsewhere than burning fossil fuels? Of course not."

Says it all really, except that we also need to remember that we'll run out of non-renewables (specifically oil) sooner, rather than later, and very soon, measured on the time scale considered in you link.

Abbott and Palin and the rest of the politically driven far right need to take a cold shower on this issue. What they have trouble with is the notion that interests outside the usual suspects with all the international financial and political power (read the USA and developed countries) can't completely control the agenda.

How sweet it is!

bigtones said...

Shame it cannot produce data to the end of the 20th century. That would provide a lot more certainty though as it points out, current conditions are unusually stable and warm... when I say current, I mean the last 10,000 years when civilization has occurred.

Interesting times we live in!