Thursday 10 December 2009

Thursday photos

Look! Another photo of a woman on a bike! That must be two this year! On a more serious note, I think women have to be careful about the type of bike frame that they select and the sort of skirt they choose to wear whilst riding a bike. I followed this lady up the hill, and she was adjusting her skirt every few seconds. That's not the way to cycle in comfort.

A P&O liner at berth. On the far right is a frigate that has been decommissioned and it's being stripped in preparation for being sunk as a dive wreck. It's been parked there for a few months now. It would be much easier to just tow it to the site and use it as a bombing target.

Work is progressing on the Pyrmont bike route. A perfectly serviceable asphalt road has been torn up so that a fresh concrete path can be laid instead. I continue to shake my head at this silliness. There is an urgent need to fix a horrible black spot just around the corner, but instead we are seeing work done that will add little value to the average commuter's journey.

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