Saturday 5 December 2009

Arty stuff

I spotted a few out of the ordinary road signs today. They look like proper RTA-type signs, until you look more closely....

And here's another one on the other side of the roundabout.

The Council has been putting up banners for Christmas. From the pictures on them, you wouldn't actually know they have anything to do with Christmas. Here is a pair with a parrot on them.

As far as religion goes, I am definitely C of E - "Christmas and Easter". Plus weddings and funerals. But even I get annoyed when I see bloody councils refusing to acknowledge that Christmas is all about the birth of Christ. It might be a holiday for most people these days, but that was the original purpose.

They wouldn't put up banners celebrating the Olympics without plastering photos of athletes and the Olympic rings all over them. Christmas banners could at least have a Christmas theme. Fucking post-modernist secular twats.

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kae said...

Heaven forfend that they offend anyone!

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