Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Where is the bicycle?

Sadly, it's been parked for a few weeks. I got the flu, then the kids got the flu, then J got busy at work, then I got busy at work, then the weather turned to poo.... it just goes on and on. The only time I seem to have to go riding is around 10pm, and that is not a terribly attractive time to be on the road.

It just reinforces my opinion that the best way to fit exercise into a busy schedule is to make your commute your exercise time. It doesn't help if you live 50km or more from your place of work, but a hell of a lot of people have a commute of only 10-15km. That's a reasonably easy ride, once you work up to it. If you're within 5-6km, you can walk instead. I met a bloke once that commuted to his office in North Sydney by kayak.

Someone once said to me that you should work out where you want to live, then find a job that supports you living in that location. I know that is easier said than done, but it is an interesting goal to aim for. Too many people get a job, then work out where they are going to live. That's getting the whole work/life balance thing wrong from the start.

I'm looking forward to working a few days in the city from the week after next - even though winter is coming, and it is getting cold and wet, I relish the idea of getting out of my car and back on my bike for part of the week for the trip to work.


Blognor Regis said...

Check out this guy!

Boy on a bike said...

When I was at uni, some people would occasionally wind surf to uni. They'd walk into lectures in wet bare feet with sand still stuck to them.

That's the life.

Richard_H said...

The commute is definately the time to exercise. Work to home is only a few Km, but it's easy to extend the ride, morning and night. Now I work somewhere with a shower, I can end up getting a good solid hour of riding in, 4 or so times a week. Helping the gut no end!

I've been riding so much (for me, *ahem*, not a great deal by fit person standards) that this rainy week here in Brisbane is a bit of a blessing. My legs have been pretty tired lately, the rest is feeling good for them

Boy on a bike said...

My bike commute is generally too short to be terribly useful, so I often extend on the way home - I like to go for 90 minutes on the way home, weather and traffic permitting.

My legs are usually shot by Friday morning. Coming home on Friday afternoon can be a real struggle. That's life on the road.