Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Olympic Park, today.

Last time I had anything to do with a fountain, I went straight over on my side and lay there on the ground groaning in pain for a minute or so. I was really, really careful around this fountain.

My previous visit to this spot was on a Sunday morning. The fountains were not running then. Until today, I didn't even realise this was a fountain - I thought it was wierd modern art. Why is it that they run them on a Tuesday, when no one is around; but not on a Sunday, when there are people everywhere?

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Anonymous said...

Rockhampton City Council re vamped it's City Center & got rid of the fountain. The expense one group goes to in putting in a development, then 15 years later the new mob rips it out again. It kept that dry hot city center a little cooler with the water flowing, & if designed right they do not waste water, not like busted pipes!