Sunday, 24 May 2009

Damn, missed my birthday

Every blog around me is having a birthday party at the moment. Everyone except me. I feel like the kid at school who never gets invited to all the cool parties. It must be the nerdy, black rimmed glasses that I wear, the braces, the clothes-chosen-by-mother and the pudding-bowl haircut.

BOAB turned 1 on the 5th of May, an event unheralded even in this household. How time flies - is it really a year since Blair screwed the pooch?


Nic said...

Happy Birthday. If it is any consolation, I enjoy reading your site more than Blair's, which has really gone off the boil.

With your commonsense, if you ned a teaching job in HK let me know.

Margo's Maid said...

I continue to enjoy the work of Mr Blair very much, but for me this here is a great example of all those things non-MSM blogs should be about - independent thinking, citizen journalism and plenty of good reading as well.

Paco said...

If I'd only known, I'd have baked you a cake. (Belated) Happy Blogday!

blogstrop said...

Well done BOAB. The need for more and more posts must be a strain on all dedicated bloggers. Lasting a year is no small achievement.
WV:drodlenu - could be where Mladic is hiding out.

Wand said...

Well Happy Birthday BOAB - and happy riding.

kc said...

Happy Blogday, BOAB! Enjoy some time here every day and am SO glad you do what you do.

Keep the rubber side down, eh?

kae said...

Ah, Boy!

Happy Birthday, whenever it was.

I really enjoy reading your blog, it's got everything. And you're funny, too! (Even when you're serious!)

(I was sure you were around before then, I put you onto Rage and Biscuits, huh?)