Friday, 8 May 2009

A good consipracy theory

This is a classic rumour about Obama and the flight of Airforce One over New York.

The release of all the photos, complete and unadulterated, would hopefully clear it up.

Remember that Airforce One was accompanied by two F-16's. If the photos show only the Jumbo flying over NY, then this conspiracy is a dead duck. You'd have two there so you could shoot footage from both sides of the aircraft.

However, if all the photos or film was taken from the F-16 with the plain tailplane, and all show the F-16 with the red tailplane in shot, then the conspiracy holds water. If the F-16 with the plain tailplane is nowhere to be seen in the footage, Airforce One could indeed have been sent on a joyride to help out a donor to Obama's campaign.

The imagery of people running around below would then be a real classic. The Tuskagee Airmen, in their Mustangs with the distinctive red tails, escorted B-17's on bombing missions over Germany. Old B-17 crews would be looking at the recent footage and saying, "Look at those New Yorkers run - just like Berlin, 1945".

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