Sunday, 3 May 2009

Do you see things in clouds?

I took this photo today because I could see a face in it. Note the two eyeballs just to the right of the tree in the bottom left?

Looks like a face to me, with a mouth below, and even a set of horns!

J said that this is a crocodile. I have to agree.

This is just a nice cloud. I like the big, "solid" cloud rearing up behind the fluffy ones in front.


Anonymous said...

Can someone please comment on what they see here? Boy and I keep arguing on what we do and don't see. Boy's J xo

TimT said...

Picture one, I think I can see a fluffy bunny peeking out at the top right hand corner. Picture three, a singing mouth.

We have a beautiful view of the Docklands area of Melbourne from our window (complete with the Ferris Wheel that is having wheely bad mechanical problems), and we can watch the clouds swirl in from the Bay over the city. Which prompted me to write this some months ago:

The clouds outside my window are
So coyly swirly curly
I'm not sure if they're furling up,
Or if they are unfurly.