Saturday, 2 May 2009

The 1750

A new blog for my bog roll - The 1750. I think I have tacked on the back of their group from time to time when coming home from town. I usually keep up with or pass 90% of the cyclists that I see when commuting - these bastards are the other 10%. Riding with them is like molten sodium injected into your veins. I usually manage to hold them for a few k's, and then I am dead meat. They are younger, fitter and a damned site lighter - I can hold them on the flat, but as soon as the ground starts trending upwards, my tub of lard tells and back I go.

It was good to read a few of their posts and find that they hurt too when they are racing each other, and that their heart rates hit 180 bpm and their legs feel like lead. I doubt I have ever posted any photos of them - they ride too fast for me to pull the camera out and safely take snaps on the go. They are like wraiths on the wind........

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