Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A looney view of government

I view government as a sack of crap, essentially. I've worked in it, I've worked around it, I've seen the inside of the sausage machine and it is an unpleasant place to behold.

Who in the right mind would want more of it? Why have we elected retards on both sides of the Pacific who think that a bigger government is a good thing, and that it will do wondrous things for our lives?

The most effective government body I was ever a part of was the Army. Laugh if you want, because I know the military always gets a bad rap for being hopelessly inefficient and stupid and all the rest. And it is. I know it is. I've seen the Army from the bottom rung, and it has its fair share of wingnuts, idiots, WOFTAMS and oxygen thieves. Yet for all that, it is extremely good at breaking things. Mostly other people's things, but when you point the Army at something and tell it to go break some stuff, it really goes to work on breaking stuff. It even breaks its own stuff with panache and style and really loud bangs.

To many people, the Army is pointless, badly dressed, full of rough necks and neer-do-wells and a colossal waste of money. Hold that view if you like - it is a free country - and I agree with parts of it. However, by comparison with every other government agency that I have ever dealt with, it is a paragon of efficiency, hard work, dedication, commitment, tenacity and drive.

In short, the Army shits all over most civilian government agencies.

Yet it is supposedly hopeless.

If the best government agency is hopeless, why is it then that mad lefties want us to have even more of the even more hopeless agencies?

If I was to rate the Army on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome and 1 being a total waste of space, I would rate it at about 6.5. The health and safety mob (whatever they are called now) I would rate at 1. Or less than 1. Maybe 0.8. Yet those that curse and mock and deride the Army then turn around and say, "We need a bigger health and safety agency", even though the current one is utterly, utterly useless, and its entire staff should be marched out and shot.

Why is that? Am I missing some crucial wiring in my brain that I need in order to understand how they think?

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1735099 said...

The difference between the army and other government organizations is simply that in the army the bullshit is honest and upfront.
In other government agencies it always masquerades as something else.
Having said that the aphorism "If you want to be stuffed around by experts, join the army - civvies are amateurs" holds true.