Thursday, 28 May 2009


The results of my semi-regular visit to the butcher. It's amazing what a growing teenager will get through in a few weeks. There are 22 meals worth in this photo.


Anonymous said...

which makes it just inder a week for a teenager! Reminds me of one of our contempories who when he got hungry during a party would put on a leg of lamb to roast, and invariably could be found around 3am gnawing on a greasy bone.


wv: scuoom: verb to describe the passing of a teenager through the fridge.

Boy on a bike said...

I had forgotten that habit of Rob's. And it was always an enormous leg of lamb - like something you'd see a neanderthal lugging around.

bingbing said...

In Korea, getting a decent steak isn't too much of a hassle. There's Outback and Aussie and US beef at the supermarket although you have to get it specially cut since the ones on display are about as thick as rice paper. But as for a decent snag or lamb chops? Feeling homesick right about now.