Saturday, 23 May 2009

Another box takes to the skies

I managed to post another care pack to Afghanistan this week. The same postie was about to try and charge me $7 to post it - again - when I pre-empted her and told her it was going to an AFPO. I think she now knows who I am - she gave me a stack of blank customs forms to take home, so I can fill them out before going to the post office. I take it that is her way of giving me a hint to send more!

I have another bag full of stuff that should make up another care pack with ease - except that I have to go back to the post office to buy another BM sized box, and they don't open on Saturday. I checked with Office Works this week - they sell all sorts of postal boxes, but not the size I need.


I slipped a letter and blank envelope into the last box and asked whoever gets it to essentially do a survey and tell me what he wants - that's the idea behind the envelope. I wonder if I'll get a letter with an Afghan stamp on it, or whether the troops pay for Australian stamps? I listed all the stuff we have been talking about sending, and told him/her to circle the good stuff and cross out the useless stuff.

Regardless of whether I get something back or not, I hope it makes someone's day.


kae said...

Onya, Boy.

I was talking with Nilk yesterday morning and I told her it was probably cheaper to make up your own little packets of bits and pieces.
Like safety pins, cotton, needle, etc.

I get tennis balls cheap from the tennis courts at work (well I used to), they'd be handy to put in, too.

1735099 said...

Maybe you should include an awakie calendar.