Saturday, 30 May 2009


It's been a mucky old day here in Sydney - blue skies and fine one moment, pouring with rain and windy the next. Real Melbourne weather.

I made a break for it during a sunny period, figuring the rain might hold off long enough to let me ride for a few hours. Not wanting to sweat to death during that period, I took my jacket off and left it at home. It was a balmy 23 when I left - too warm for a jacket.

15 minutes later, down came the rain - and out came this rainbow.

I had to cut the ride short. I was icing up. My feet are still frozen solid, even after a nice hot shower. It was a case of "jackets on, jackets off" - and I should have left the damned thing on. I would have been toasty warm if I'd done that.


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