Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Why do I bother reading this rubbish?

Electricity bills to soar 20 per cent

NSW Greens MP John Kaye said the price hike was just the start of an escalation in electricity prices, with the state government planning to privatise energy retailers.

"Private owners will treat households as cash cows," Dr Kaye said in a statement.
Kaye, you turd, you bloody greenies want to put the price up massively so that we consume lesselectricity. A 20% price hike is a drop in the bucket compared to what an idiotic carbon tax would cause. I can't stand hypocrites, especially green hypocrites.

Cancer treatment shock - third miss out: study

One-third of NSW cancer patients who could benefit from radiation therapy do not receive it, according to analysis from the Cancer Council NSW, which has called on the Government to fund new machines immediately to deliver the service.

About 51,000 people missed out on adequate radiation treatment in the decade to 2006, said the report, which also calculated that collectively they had lost 40,000 years of life.
The State Government should immediately start paying private hospitals to treat public patients in areas where there was a shortage of services
Sounds to me like the answer is to buy private health insurance and not rely on the useless government sector to keep you alive. What's the first rule of state-run health systems? Rationing. Treatments have to be rationed because supply cannot keep up with demand in the state sector. You want to live? Buy private health insurance and get treated privately. In the end, to the government, you are just a number, and they don't care about your welfare or your family or your situation.

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