Thursday 18 March 2010


I'm afraid that I am no longer surprised by the amazing behaviour of certain asian ladies in 4WDs. Years ago, I did an excellent day of driver training at the Ian Luff driver school. It taught me a lot about driving - I should go back and do it again as a refresher.

There was a hotshot young P-plater on the course in a BMW that dad had bought for him. He thought he was God's gift to driving. After the 2nd driving exercise, he was a shaking wreck that refused to push his car beyond 60km/h. Good. He was close to brown pants time. I was having a blast. So much so, I almost rolled my 4WD on an exercise. You can have too much fun on these courses.

The other horror on that course was a tiny asian lady in an enormous 4WD. At lunch, we asked her why she was driving that lurching horror. Her answer was, "I have had so many crashes, and written off so many cars, that my husband bought me this thing to keep me safe". Great. She was going to graduate from having prangs in a small car where the injuries might be minor to non-existent to prangs that might be fatal to others. She really was an accident waiting to happen - her husband would have been better off spending the money on a limousine hire service, and having her chauffeured everywhere. She was an utter menace, and one day at driving school did nothing to knock the ineptness and bad habits out of her. She simply had no feel for driving. None at all. And she had been driving (and crashing badly) for over 20 years.

Which takes us to our next video. It starts with me riding up a short section of path in Pyrmont that is clearly a paved pedestrian/bike mall. The only purpose of that footage is to give you an idea of how mallish this mall is. There are big signs at the top of the street telling cars to stay out. And what happens when I am stopped at the lights? An asian lady in a 4WD decides to turn into the mall, disregarding the fact that me and a couple of other cyclists are standing in the middle of the mall and blocking her path.... and she is then followed straight after by a taxi! What is it with these people? Have Weeties been putting licenses in their cereal packets again?

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