Friday 5 March 2010

Third troika of homeless in Sydney

This time, I went down York St and came back up the other side of George St.

Wynyard Park (outside Wynyard station). There were four rather ragged looking gentlemen sleeping on the park benches when I walked through the park. I will admit to having a nap in this park one night after a serious session on the turps. Spoof spent the night sleeping in the flowerbed outside his hotel, and the Son of Satan made it home on the ferry, only to poo in his PJs in his sleep. I ended up making my way onto a train, and was shaken awake by a security guard after the train had been stabled in the tunnels at Bondi Junction at around 4am.

Man with trolley. I think this is the bloke that caused a traffic jam on the Pyrmont Bridge earlier in the week.

I've seen a bloke sleeping outside the church next to Town Hall. I think this is part of his bedroom ensemble.

The first rough sleeper that I've spotted in an alley - and I have been through a lot of alleys and laneways.

Laneways like this.

This laneway is different in that it is out the back of the Central Police Station, and the cops drive up and down this laneway in order to get into their car park. Clearly, homelessness is not a crime.

George St.

Pitt St. Nothing to do with being homeless - I just couldn't be doing another post showing the Police searching a bloke on the street. He didn't look impressed.

The perpetual inhabitant of the corner of Market St and George St. His sign yesterday said that he had huge Medicare bills to pay. Hmm.

McDonalds - a great place to beg.

Some were really hard to photograph - if you look between the legs of this bloke, there is a beggar sitting on the footpath.

Another hard to photograph bloke sitting on a milk crate.

Over the last 3 days, I've spotted 20 different homeless people/beggars on the streets of the Sydney CBD.

I should have read this article more carefully:

There were 416 people sleeping on the inner-city streets, or in a temporary overnight shelter, when the latest count was conducted on Tuesday between 1am (AEDT) and 3am.

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Anonymous said...

I used to work a night shift in the city, about 15 years ago, lunch time was around 1:30am and a walk of a couple of blocks from Martin Place would show a few dozen people sleeping rough on the streets. The most I counted on one night was 37 around Martin Place. One would assume a larger number over a wider area. Very sad, it was, as many of them looked "normal".