Tuesday 2 March 2010

Tuesday photos

The well inked young lady is back, this time with a bandage on one ankle. I wonder if that is another tatt? Although she's on a one speed that's too small for her, she gives it a good thrashing and moves along more rapidly than one might expect. However, given how much a bit of skin ink costs (or in this case, a lot of skin ink), I don't get why she doesn't spend a few bucks on a better bike. Priorities are different for everyone.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have a bloke with his shirt and tie hanging off his pack. He wasn't really moving that quickly, so the arms of his shirt weren't flapping around like a demented albino squid. Drat. That would have been a good look.

A failed photo just after dawn - another early start this morning. I thought I was going to freeze, as I appeared to be under dressed. However, it was warmer than expected, and even the still-wet shoes (from the storm last night) gave me no problems.

There was some sort of festival in Ultimo this morning. I went past too quickly to figure out what it was. It might have had something to do with the bloke counting bikes on the ANZAC bridge - today was also the day when volunteer counters totalled up all the bikes heading into town. Some sort of annual cycling census.

There are two pram ramps in this photo. I normally take the one to the right, which leads into a short pedestrian/bike mall. A few weeks ago, it was blocked for construction, so I took the one to the right - along with a few other cyclists. Just after we zipped up the ramp, all the other bikes took a sharp right. As I was a bit dozey, I kept going straight ahead and couldn't figure out whey they had departed sideways so rapidly.

These steps were the reason. Sure, they are not like the steps in The Italian Job, but they certainly gave me an early morning surprise!

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