Saturday 13 March 2010

Greens rooted

From Vexnews comes this shocker:

VEXNEWS understands that Gunns achieved much more than making the Wilderness Society cautious about assaulting timber workers, it also discovered as part of the legal process a raft of embarrassing documents that reflect very adversely against the high-ups in the Wilderness Society.

Sources familiar with the matter have told VEXNEWS that one of these documents revealed a high-ranking official of the Wilderness Society had listed the names of many young women members he’d bedded at a series of camps and had even put a mark out of ten besides their names based on his level of satisfaction.

This is why the main stream media is going to die. They never print this sort of stuff.

I wonder if he wore a koala suit. Or a wombat suit - because we know a wombat eats roots and leaves.


ti3vom said...

That's why I reckon there are soooo many eco/enviro groups, everyone wants to be the head honcho, and get the girls.

I suspect most of the types who want to be leaders of these groups are completely intolerant to anyone disagreeing with them anyway.

What is it girls/women see in these control freaks? (father syndrome?)

Anonymous said...

Imagine if this bloke was a Petty Officer on say the HMAS Success.
It could almost be a sex ledger.
The media would piss themselves with excitment