Tuesday 30 March 2010


I just had to save this comment that I left over at a Western Heart regarding the nanny state:

The ninnies are killing the daycare industry. In a few years, daycare will be either cactus or too expensive due to the plethora of regulations, policies and so on issued every month. Carers are quitting in droves due to the bureaucracy, stupidity and paperwork.

The problem is that the nannies have a job for life, and many of them feel that they must be doing something to justify their office, salary, budget and so on, so they keep on churning shit out. They should all be employed on a short term contract to produce something specific as and when required - like every few years. That would help to stamp this rubbish out. They all have this idea of, "I have to be seen to be doing something - otherwise, I will be out of a job". Trouble is, the fuckers are going to put everyone else out of a job first.


1735099 said...

A Western Fart? Now there's another blog that won't publish my comments.

1735099 said...

You may get a giggle out of it - http://awesternfart.blogspot.com/