Friday 12 March 2010

Greens don't know what they are talking about

Consider this opening paragraph from the SMH yesterday for this story - Heavily armed security guards alarm Greens:

NEW regulations allowing security guards to carry high-calibre handguns and shotguns is a weakening of gun control that will see more firearms ending up in criminal hands, the NSW Greens say.

The amendment to state firearms legislation, quietly introduced by the Labor government before Christmas, gives the NSW Police Commissioner the power to authorise security guards to carry prohibited firearms.
Sorry, the opening two paragraphs.

What on earth is a "high-calibre handgun and shotgun"? Shotguns are classed according to gauge, not calibre (unless you live in Russia).

I can understand the term "large calibre", but not "high calibre". By referring to "high calibre handguns", do they mean the Desert Eagle .50 cal pistol?

I think what they mean is that from my viewing, most security guards in NSW currently carrying a six shot revolver that looks suspiciously like a .38. The new rules will presumably allow them to carry something like a Glock - and I guess most would opt for the 9mm model. We can quible about the differences all night between a .38 and a 9mm, but for most people, the big difference is you go from 6 shots to 13 when moving to a Glock (more if you get the big mag).

The Greens are once again whipping up fear and hysteria in their heartland - and they can do that because the SMH is full of dills that know nothing about weapons, and the Greens are even worse.


This would make the Greens freak - an education department purchasing shotguns - and they want combat training to go with them.

Thanks to Castle Arrgh.

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Low calibre journo.