Tuesday 16 March 2010

Great ball of fire

No, I am not getting out of bed earlier. The sun is getting up later.

I was trying to capture a coupe of rowers in the reflection of the sun - they are just off to the left of the big golden blob.

Here they are again, without the special effects.

Riding was tough today. As soon as I put the bike in for a bit of maintenance, I got the flu. I've been guts-up for a few days, with this morning being the first tentative attempt to get back on the road. Within 200 metres of leaving home, I was blowing huge green blasts out of each nostril. A kilometre or so after that, I was coughing and hacking up all sorts of muck. I coughed so hard, I almost ripped some muscles in my legs.

Made for a slow, awful ride into work. Felt like I was riding with 20 pounds of lead tied around my waist. I can't remember the last time I felt this flat and unenergetic.

To cap it off, just after I got home, a headache kicked in.


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