Wednesday 31 March 2010

Wednesday photos

Up again early this morning, only to face a day that was grim, grey and wet. As I sat at my PC eating a few Weet Bix and reading the usual round of blogs, the rain was pouring down outside. I read a few more blogs than usual and waited for the worst of it to pass me by. I figured I could at least start dry, but that I'd be soaked before I got to work. My biggest problem was deciding what to wear - to add an undershirt beneath my jersey, or just ride in normal summer rig.

I kept to the normal summer rig, which was good, as it didn't rain at all on the ride in, and I was sweating after 10 minutes. The humidity was 93%! The bloke above was a bit of a nong - it was dark enough for almost every car to have its lights on, but this cyclist had no lights or reflectors fore or aft. Just because you can see an oncoming car, doesn't mean they can see you.

The ANZAC bridge was wet and empty of foot and cycle traffic. I think I saw only 3 or 4 other bikes on the whole journey - 90% down on usual. The pedestrians were absent as well. Even the seagulls were in hiding. The wind was quite strong though - enough to have the flags on both bridges pushed out hard.

As Kae has been posting pictures of flowers in bloom, here is a shot of a street full of trees with red flowers - except none of them are showing up. Trust me - there are red flowers on these trees.

HMAS Adelaide in the background. It was going to be sunk as a dive wreck last weekend, but a judge ruled that the sinking could not go ahead. Bloody NIMBYS up at Avoca should all be rounded up and shot.

The ship in the foreground was offloading something white and powdery. There is a pile of it on the wharf, and the pile is surrounded by front end loaders that are scooping it up and dropping it into a line of waiting trucks. Sand? Fertilizer? Crack? No idea.


kae said...

Those trees look like China Doll I think, I have one out back, they have tiny yellow flowers, then huge, brown-red lantern like bracts which hold the seeds.
I'd take a pic of the one outside it's got seeds and flowers on it, but it's pissing down... sorry!

WV: jactints - purple hues, like jacarandas?

bigtones said...

Flame Trees? as in the Chisel song

kae said...

Well, there's Illawarra flame trees, they're brachychitons, but these aren't them.

I'm sure there's plenty of different types of flame trees.

Anonymous said...