Monday 22 March 2010

The Premier, her bike and her bodyguard

The commentariat at the SMH was predictably up in arms this morning because they discovered that the Premier of NSW rides to work.... followed by a cop on a bike.

They seem to think that Plod is there to save her from angry drivers etc.

No, Plod is there because she is the Premier. If she was driven to work in a car, Plod would be in the car with her. As Premier, she rates a certain level of protection. It's as simple as that.

The commentariat are also upset that she has promised less funding for bike paths than previous idiot Labor governments. The big difference that I see is that although she has promised less ($158m vs $250m), I reckon the $158m she has promised might actually get spent - whereas the $250m promised by previous governments never seemed to end in a single bucket of concrete being poured.

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