Monday 1 March 2010

Monday photos

Why should cyclists get all the photos? Here's a sharp dressed man, not on a bicycle. Hats - people should wear them more often (and I'm not referring to stupid baseball caps).

Helmet, or lack thereof. I don't believe in compulsory helmet laws, but having hit the bitumen quite hard on three separate occasions, you won't find me riding without one. Besides, this guy was a bloodnut. Enough said.

A crop of four traffic counters, huddled on their chairs over on the left, madly clicking away as cars went past.

HMAS Adelaide being readied for life as a dive wreck. From eBay of all places:

This is the decommissioning booklet for HMAS Adelaide (FFG-01). It fold out to three pages (6 pages both sides) with a seperate page with the 'Order Of Service' for the day of Decommissioning, which took place at HMAS Stirling on 19 January 2008.

HMAS Adelaide was the lead ship of class guided missile frigate of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Adelaide was the first of the four Adelaide class ships constructed in the United States of America. Entering service in 1981, the frigate was an active ship of the RAN until 2008, when she was the second ship of her class to be decommissioned.

Following decommissioning, Adelaide was marked for conversion into a Dive wreck and artificial reef off the Central Coast of NSW. Currently being prepared for a wreck at Garden Is. Sydney.

You can see the holes that have been cut in the sides for diver entry - except that the plates are yet to be removed.

Snazzy tattoo on the back of his leg.

The right type of backpack to be wearing today - something very waterproof. Got absolutely soaked riding home tonight.

Great idea for a jersey design - the "3 feet" refers to the amount of space motorists are supposed to give cyclists when passing.


Ubique of Perth said...

Don't you just love the way that imperial measurements refuse to die? It's been 38 years since Australia went metric and people still think of their height in feet and inches and their weight in stones and pounds.

kae said...

"Besides, this guy was a bloodnut. Enough said."