Thursday 4 March 2010

More homeless

This bloke was absent from his spot yesterday at the corner of Market and George St. He has been hanging around this corner for around 10 years. Every now and then, he changes his sign. A few years ago, he claimed he was being pursued by BHP. Then his sign said something about legal fees. Not sure what his problem is these days.

This bloke's sign said that he had not eaten in 4 days. Funnily enough, it said the same thing yesterday. If he is there again tomorrow, I will see if he is up to 5 days without food. Or not. He was begging outside Hungry Jacks. I guess he can't be bothered to walk across The Domain to the nightly soup kitchen that they run down under the railway bridge.

Pitt St, sitting on the steps. Sorry for the blurry photos.

From Hungry Jacks to McDonalds.

This bloke was standing stock still. I have seen him a few times over the last couple of years. From what I can gather, he gets so pissed, he can't remember how to walk.

This was a classic. The woman on the bench sits down to have a fag and make a phone call. No sooner is her arse on the seat than this bloke bums a durrie from her.

He then returned to his seat in order to enjoy it. I reckon the rules that force smokers out doors must be a boon for nicotine starved winos. No need to search in bins any more for unsmoked fag ends - just annoy those banished from their places of work.

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Paco said...

There's a guy who's been hanging around the McPherson Square stop on the Washington Metro for the last three years or so. He looks like he's from Bangladesh or Pakistan, and he gives you a little slip of paper that says "Arrived in this country three weeks ago. Haven't had anything to eat." Dude needs to update his message.