Monday 22 March 2010

Dreary morn

Good thing daylight saving is coming to an end - the last few mornings have been miserable and grey. I've been on the road at zero-dark-hundred; certainly early enough to require a headlight from start to finish. It's not cold - just murky and depressing. Could be worse - I could be one of those rowers out there on the flat, cold, grey water.

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Ubique of Perth said...

After enduring a god-awful three year trial (yet again) WA had its fourth referendum on daylight savings last year. For three bloody summers I ran and rode my bike in the dark.

When finally given the chance, for the fourth time, we said "shove it" - this time more emphatically than ever. Sensible lot, Sandgropers.

This summer's been great. Light early in the morning and the birds singing at sparrow's fart, just as it should be.

Bloody pollies won't take no for an answer, especially bloody Labor pollies who think they know what's best for us.

Once you say yes though, there's no going back.

The republic question will end up being the same.