Friday 5 March 2010

Great Balls of Climate Crap

You'll have to wait a mo' for the Great Balls of Climate Crap. In the meantime, check out this mean looking climate destruction beast.

I couldn't step back in order to fit it all into one photo (as I was on the bike), so you'll have to make do with two photos. Awesome beast. What a way to get around.

Muffin tops. Apart from earthquakes and Live Aid, is there anything worse on this planet?

Martin Place, where all the bike couriers congregate at the end of the day for a beer and a chat. Even if it's raining.

I spotted many, many security guards around Town Hall this morning. Wondering what they were protecting, I followed them to this.....

Great Balls of Climate Crap.

There were some tents off to the left promoting all sorts of environmental goodness. One included a bike mechanic. I felt like swearing at that point and dementedly puncturing the larger ball. Why is it that bikes are continually tarred with this "environmental" label? Why can't we just say that cycling is a worthwhile and fun activity for some people, and leave it at that? I hate the whole greenwash idea that has infiltrated cycling of late.

I prefer the bike couriers - they're sweaty, they smell, they enjoy going really, really dangerously fast and at the end of the day, they drink lots of beer out of long necks. I don't see anyone holding them up as environmental champions - not when the only response you'll get out of them if you ask them a question on global warming is an enormous beery burp.

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1735099 said...

Are you sure the purple beast wasn't LPG powered?
Lots of rods are.