Thursday 18 March 2010

Smell and the city

I hate rubbish collection day. I always get stuck behind a truck carting several tonnes of rotting prawns and festering nappies.

Imagine my joy this week to being stuck behind not one, but two trucks - and on an uphill section where I was sucking in air harder than usual!

When I got to the lights at the top of this hill, I almost chundered from the smell. The driver of the big truck had pulled up next to me, and he had his window down. He peered down at me and said, "You're puffing hard". I didn't have the heart to tell him that I wasn't so much puffing as gagging on the thick coating of reek that his truck had deposited on the back of my throat.

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kae said...

Out here we have cattle trucks, B Doubles, along the Warrego, travelling into Brisbane full, or travelling out empty.

I can smell one of those stinkers from over a kilometre away.

A very strong pong.

WV: grancing
sort of a cross between a grimace and a glance, at the same time, as you smell the odious truck, and then notice it miles away down the road....