Sunday 28 March 2010

Any bets on how long Earth Hour will last?

Am I the only one who thinks there was a lot less hype and hoopla about Earth Hour this year?

I'm wondering how many more years this thing is going to drag on for. I give it 5 at most.....but then again, as the WWF is behind it, and the WWF is a tax-sucking cash cow, they can probably afford to promote it for the next thousand years.

I downloaded usage data for March from here, and looked at electricity consumption for the last four Saturdays.

I have cut the time period of interest down to 6pm to 11pm, so that you get a general idea of what power consumption looks like on a Saturday night. I've also changed the axis to a min of 6000 to provide a better view of the data.

So, can you see any significant difference between last night - the 27th - and the previous three Saturdays?

Here is a different view - I have taken 6pm as the base point, and then shown how demand has changed from that point.

There's nothing outstanding here as far as I am concerned. Look at the data for the 20th - the line falls at the same rate as last night, and it continues falling throughout Earth Hour. However, last night, demand fell a bit in the first hour, and then flatlined. There was a much bigger drop on the 6th.

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