Wednesday 10 March 2010

Pretty much my thoughts on "The Hurt Locker".


I've tried watching it twice. Got about 10 minutes in each time and gave up. I have to learn to suspend reality, or I'll never be able to watch it.

Not that I've ever defused bombs or anything like that. Helped make a few, and seen a pretty big UXB up close (a thousand pounder that didn't go off when it landed on the bombing range. Our platoon just happened to dig it up when doing an exercise on that same range. Made a big mushroom cloud when the bomb disposal guys lit it up. Also made the RSM go white and crap himself when he saw what the boys had dug up).

I figured that it's about as accurate a portrayal of Iraq as say Avatar is of the NASA space program. Once I get into that mindset, I should be able to watch it all the way through.

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