Tuesday 30 March 2010

What it looks like to get hit by a car

It's been three years since I was collected by a car whilst riding home. This post over at Copenhagenize is where I grabbed this footage from a car test lab where they show bike dummies being whacked by cars. Plus a lot of gabbling in Dutch that I can't understand.

Have a look though at what happens to the cyclist when the bike is taken out from underneath them. They cartwheel to one side in a most spectacular fashion.

When I was hit, the car hit the front of my bike, so I didn't go onto the bonnet and into the windscreen. However, I was always sure that I did a complete circle to the left, landing on the road on my right hand side. A 270 degree rotation. Until I saw this footage, I thought that was impossible - now I am not so sure. I might have had enough angular momentum to flip all the way around with no bonnet in the way to impede my progress.

You can also see why I ended up with a wicked case of whiplash, which still gives me grief.

The bloke that hit me didn't see me - his brain simply failed to process what was in front of him. When you've behind the wheel, for God's sake, pay attention and keep your eyes open.

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