Monday 29 March 2010

Freaky photo

Try blowing this photo up and then look at it - as soon as I opened it, it did my head in. I can't look at it if it's any larger. This was not deliberate - I turned the flash off, and this is what happened.

It was another early start this morning. Beautiful sunrise over the city. It was good to get away early, as it was horribly humid and around 23 degrees. I would have cooked if I went any later.

Funny that it was Earth Hour yesterday. The importance of electricity was driven home to me this morning when my headlight went flat shortly after taking this photo - I need electricity to keep me from being run down by a car when doing an early start. A minute later, the batteries in the video camera went flat as well, so if I was run over, you'd never know who did it.

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