Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Yes, I have changed the title photo again

The photo is kind of the story of my cycling life.

Sitting on the side of the road, preferably in the shade or out of the rain, fixing a flat tyre.

I am a crab when it comes to fixing flats. It takes me 10 minutes to swap out a tube, I always end up black shit smeared all over my body, and I generally manage to sprain a thumb or bruise a finger in the process.

Today's flat is brought to you by some broken glass that some tool left on the side of the road near the Barnwell Park golf course.

If you run into the back of another car and break your headlight or smash their tail light, do me a favour - sweep ALL the glass off the road. Sweep it down a storm water drain for all I care - just get it off the fucking tarmac.

1 comment:

jiminycricket said...

You should change the title to "Boy Off A bike... Well alot of the time anyways."