Monday, 11 February 2008

Iron Cove Bridge geotechnical survey work

Those that are not too fond of the idea of another bridge at Iron Cove have been busy putting up signs and spraying a bit of paint around. This bit of road vandalism reads "4 lane bridge here", and is meant to symbolise a new bridge cutting through this park.

As if I give a toss - the park is big enough to donate a bit of land to a new bridge.

Whilst I was checking out the spray paint on the road, I noticed this barge parked in the harbour. With a drilling truck on it of all things. I read in the paper recently that the geotechnical surveys had started, and the protesters were of course up in arms about it, muttering darkly about conspiracy theories and the like.

Must remember to go to the next protest rally and hand out tinfoil hats. I want another bridge because I want a decent cycle lane across the harbour. The RTA is never going to close a car lane and hand it over to bikes - that would be madness, so we might as well get a new bridge and hope for the best.

The barge appears to have been anchored to the bridge pylons with a couple of cables, and I presume there are some other anchors strung out to the left to keep the barge in place. It was awful quiet when I went past, so I presume drilling had finished for the day.

I have a fair idea of what they will find - layer after layer of discarded shopping trolleys, drinking straws, cigarette butts and McDonalds food wrappers. And the odd bit of mud and rock.

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