Monday, 11 February 2008

Happy happy cycling scenes

Most days, I manage to bail from the office before 5pm - with the idea of avoiding all the car traffic that suddenly comes out of nowhere when the witching hour strikes.

I was held up in the office today, and didn't bail until almost 6pm. Imagine my surprise to find myself in a bike traffic jam from Darling Harbour to the point where I peeled off to stooge around Balmain. Flipping heck, there were bikes everywhere.

The crowding was so bad that once I got through these lights, I was unable to take any photos for fear of colliding with another bike. Never had that experience before.

I did notice some official looking traffic counting people on the Anzac Bridge this morning. I presume the RTA is counting bikes again to see whether we are a growing or dying breed. If the pack tonight is any indication, bloody cyclists are breeding like rabbits.

I tried out my over the shoulder photography again when on the Anzac Bridge - this guy seemed to be quite pleased to be snapped, since I am using his smiling mug to promote the wonderous benefits of riding to work.

I did find out one interesting thing. When we hit the Anzac Bridge, there were 12 bikes in a pack. Only one of them passed me on the bridge, and I was easily the oldest and largest of the group. I ended up tearing past a couple of the others once we got off the Bridge and the road opened up. Am I really fitter and faster than 90% of my fellow cyclists? Doubt it. I think I just enjoy ferociously pumping the pedals on the way home.

Another thing is that as we went through Pyrmont, we hit a red light. Of the 12 of us, 1 went straight through the light without stopping.


Two others stopped, had a look, and then went through the red light.


The rest of us patiently waited, and caught up with the eager three not far up the road.

I guess that about verifies it for me - 10% of cyclists are complete idiots, 20% are semi-idiots an the rest are law abiding, patient people.

Pity the 10% give the rest of us such a bad name, and lead to us copping all sorts of aggro from idiot drivers.

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