Thursday, 14 February 2008

Stupid woman driver

Sorry, but I have to say sorry here. I don't wish to stigmatise female drivers, but boy, I "engaged" with one of the stupid ones tonight.

I was belting home through Drummoyne along a section of road that has a couple of roundabouts close together. The thing about being on a bike is that you can flog through roundabouts at top speed because you don't have to slow down to go around them - you can go straight through them.

I normally go through them so quickly that any cars behind me don't have a chance to catch me and overtake me in between the roundabouts, so I just sit out in the middle of the lane in order to block the odd jackass from trying to overtake me in the roundabout (which a few have tried to do). I don't like hogging the entire lane, but it's what I have to do to stop myself from being squashed in a roundabout.

I thought I'd seen it all, until I met this woman. She didn't just overtake me - she went around the roundabout on the wrong side of the road! And then she drove up the road a good distance, still on the wrong side!

Unbe-fucking-leivable. Especially since the roundabout had pretty bad sight-lines on the right hand side, so she could have gone head on into someone coming the other way. I was just gobsmacked - so stunned, I didn't even think to pull out the camera and grab a snap. I have been thinking of getting a helmet mounted camera for a few months - this might be just the impetus that I need to buy one.

It was a day of meeting silly fuckers like that. I had just left the office when a silly fucker in a van (probably a plumber) overtook me without bothering to change lanes. The side of his van was so close, I could have tapped it with my elbow. I certainly tapped his door at the next set of lights and told him what I thought of his driving. Of course he was writing a text message when I caught up with him - and I reckon he had been doing that when he missed me by 6 inches. All he could do in response was make a moronic sound, which I guess was his sorry excuse for an explanation. I think the noise was meant to say, "If you are stupid enough to ride a bike, then you just have to put up with ignorant fuckheads like me."

Where did I put that Glock again?

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