Saturday, 23 February 2008

Heston Blumenthal

Today I was fortunate enough to be inducted into that select group of people that have watched a few episodes of "In Search of Perfection", which is fronted up by chef-man, Heston Blumenthal.

His series is a delightful change to Jamie, who I am starting to get a bit sick of.

I really liked the third episode, which shows how to cook the perfect steak. There is no point in me trying to describe the episode, since you can acquire it via the usual means (and he has a book out as well, probably available in ABC Shops). All I can suggest is that you have a look at this one episode (if you like steak) because:

  1. It is an absolute marvel, and
  2. It will make you very hungry
  3. For steak
And that has to be a good thing.

The other episodes are also well worth a watch.

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