Tuesday, 12 February 2008

For the children

A nice little story in the Silly today about a drug bust in suburbia.

The stupid Minister for Police though couldn't help himself. He just had to wheel out this shopworn old line:

$1 million dollars worth of drugs that could have been sold to our kids is now off the streets...

Oh please, stop going on and on about how nasty, predatory drug dealers are stuffing drugs down the throats of our kids.

Dealers do not push drugs onto people they don't know. People who want drugs search out dealers in order to score. Getting stoned takes a bit of effort.

The idea that the Minister is pushing - that a goodly chunk of this ganja would have ended up in the bongs of children - strikes me as absurd. The odd kid might be a complete wastoid, doing his best to fuck up his life in the tried and tested manner, but I suspect that most kids that smoke a bit of dope do it on an occasional basis - like at a party - rather than as an everyday habit.

I did that. Didn't see much wrong with it, except that it made me sick.

Most of the dope that was siezed was probably going to find its way into the hands of adult bong heads. I've known a few people in my time that smoked once a day, or in some cases, half a dozen times a day. I'm not sure it the latter mob are still alive. And frankly, it wouldn't make much difference to the world if they spent their short and rather fruitless lives sitting around the living room on a filthy couch, packing another cone.

I suspect that the stoners that I knew when I was younger smoked more dope between them in a day than all the school kids in the surrounding suburbs did in a month.

All this bust has done is to put a small crimp on the intake of a bunch of middle aged hippies. Leave the kids out of it.

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jiminycricket said...

Yeah it's all scare mongering.
I suspect one of my friends back home will be quite upset by this news. But you're right it's completely irrelevant to kids though.
There's going to be some hippies in cold sweats over the next few weeks.