Thursday, 14 February 2008


This is something I rarely see - two blokes riding into town together. They rode side by side the whole way in, and I tailed them, simply because they were going at that rather annoying speed which is just a bit slower than you want to go, but too fast for you to overtake and really get ahead.

The worst thing about tailing them was that it started raining lightly on the way in, and I had to ride outside of the spray from their back wheels. It's amazing how far back and bike can throw spray when it is moving at 40kmh. When we went through dry spots, I'd move up and hug their back wheels, but then I'd have to drop back as we rode through the occasional shower.

They were typical Aussie mates - one said something rude about the relationship the other was in, and he was called a fucking c*&t for his troubles - in the friendliest way possible of course.

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