Sunday, 3 February 2008

Some people are just feral

We visited a nice new shopping centre today in a nice new suburb. It's full of fairly flash shops, and surrounded by quite flash housing. Everything is new and shiny. Even the roads are smoothe and well swept, and every vertical surface doesn't yet bear the marks of years of graffiti.

So you'd expect the place to be full of nice people, wouldn't you?

People with manners. People with a bit of class.

Not a bit of it.

Since the place has a carpark with 9 floors, the only way to get from the shops to the cars with a stroller is via the lift. Since the place was heaving with people, the lifts were a bit slow. And crowded. But we eventually got into one and started to go up.

It made it one floor, and stopped. Of course someone down the back needed to get out with their enormous load of Ikea cardboard boxes. So most people, including us, get out of the lift and wait patiently by the doors for the Ikea shoppers to exit.

The Ikea shoppers are not halfway out of the door when some fat bastard and his family that had not been on the lift decide to push in past the trolley loaded with stuff. That sparked a free for all amongst the unwashed, who decided to push past those that had politely removed themselves from the lift so that people could get out. With judicious use of the elbow, we managed to get back in before the doors closed.

It was at that point that I wanted nothing more than to do the loudest, nastiest fart in history.

And then press the "Stop" button and start screaming about the Resurrection at the top of my lungs.

Some people have no class. They are just feral.

You can build a lovely shopping centre, but you can't do much about the people that shop there.

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jiminycricket said...

Oh man, some people are just complete ass-hats. You definitely need to hit the stop button and start screaming about the coming apocalypse.
Also punch them so there can be no confusion as to who the anger is directed at.